The smallest

CPR classroom ever

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CPR for beginners,
Feedback for pros

Packaged with scenario cards and guide board, cprCUBE Pro, makes CPR fun and easy.

Yet equipped with real-time feedback, it helps the instructors to run quality CPR training classes.


Scenario-based training
Flip the cards, play the roles

Use scenario cards to have role-playing learning with different CPR scenarios. Students learn the CPR process naturally and become life saver.


Intuitive stand-alone feedback

cprCUBE Pro provides intuitive LED and sound feedback,  so the students can see how well  they’re performing CPR.


And important thing is:
you can learn CPR by yourself

It is the simplest CPR training aid, but smart enough to help you learn the essentials of CPR.

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Urethane foam

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Infrared Sensor

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Make sure your CPR training
meets guidelines

The small and smart cprCUBE Pro is fully compliant with the latest guidelines of the American Heart Association, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Data Management with App

cprCUBE Pro is compatible with CPR Add-on Kit Student and Instructor apps.
Connect with the apps to store and manage the training data.

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CPR Add-on Kit Student

CPR Add-on Kit Instructor

student app

Instructor app

For Distance Learning

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Use CPR Add-on Kit Remote apps to run distance training Instructors and students don't have to be right next to each other, and cprCUBE is easy to send and receive.

(To be released during the first half of the year 2021, a separate server fee might be charged)