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What is CPR Add-on Kit?


From dummy to smart manikins

CPR Add-on Kit is a smart device that can be easily installed on existing dummy manikins, to make CPR training more engaging and efficient

Add CPR Add-on kit, to make your dummy manikin smart

Why CPR Add-on kit?


High quality CPR feedback

CPR Add-on Kit provides accurate feedback on CPR performance.


Cost-effective solution

CPR Add-on Kit is easy to install, and compatible with almost all manikin types.



Optimized solutions are available for various kinds of training in different format and size.

CPR Add-on kit solutions

CPR Add-on kit
Hardware and Apps

With the most recent CPR guidelines implemented, Student and Instructor apps connect with CPR Add-on Kit to give simple and intuitive feedback, gathered from highly precise sensors.


CPR Add-on kit class

CPR Add-on Kit Class is a mass CPR training solution, supporting the connection of up to 45 manikins at once. CPR Add-on Kit Class enables quality group training and enjoyable learning experience, to ensure productive education.

CPR Add-on kit remote

CPR Add-on Kit Remote is a remote CPR training solution with real-time feedback and video monitoring features. Run safe and convenient CPR training sessions with CPR Add-on Kit Remote.





CPR Add-on kit apps

  • Student and Instructor Apps

  • Connect up to 6 manikins at once

  • Suitable for individual or small group training


CPR Add-on kit class

  • A router, receivers and a laptop with CPR Add-on Kit Class

  • Connect up to 45 manikins at once

  • Suitable for school or CPR training sites


CPR Add-on kit remote

  • CPR Remote Student and Instructor apps

  • Connect up to 6 manikins at once

  • Suitable for distance learning, routine skill checks and retraining

Options compared

New CPR training tool for new era

CPR training solutions stayed the same long enough, and now is the time for a change

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