Optimized mass CPR training

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Connect and sync the manikins

CPR class is a new mass CPR training solution, supporting the connection of up to 45 manikins. Link-up multiple mobile devices for both students and instructors through router connection with CPR class, to operate synchronized training session.

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How CPR class works

In CPR training session with CPR class, multiple instructors can check and monitor CPR performance of students while running synchronized training session. Such set-up requires dedicated router, laptop and BLE receivers.

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Sensor data

Feedback (display)


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Immersive training experience

Mission mode is a gamification of CPR, encouraging participants to compete with one another while performing CPR. Through experiencing CPR as a game, participants can learn important elements of CPR such as oxygen saturation and blood flow rate and how they affect the survival rate.

New Feature

CPR Class, Becoming a True Class!

Simple Media Registration

You can register your own unique LECTURE CONTENT and easily execute it.

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Register frequently used MEDIA on the home screen

You can pre-register necessary PDF or video MEDIA contents for CPR Class and conveniently use them on the home screen.

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Synchronized MEDIA control

You can also execute and control MEDIA on the instructor's tablet.

Setting up the display to suit your training environment

Use USB/HDMI/WiFi to extend the display as you want. Shared screen is automatically adjusted according to the display size for the device connected.

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Debriefing individual results and exporting data

The training session may run for all students at once, but the results are stored individually. Check and share the results of each student.

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