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CPR training going beyond the border

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Quality remote CPR training for new era

A new era needs a new CPR training tool. With CPR remote, run the class where instructors and students don`t have to meet in a classroom.

How CPR remote works

How would use CPR remote for your CPR training? It is easier than you think!

Create a session and take sign-up requests

Open new courses as usual and take sign-up requests from the students

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Send manikins to students

Send manikins to students, for use during training

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Online lecture before the training

Send pre-course materials to students before the training session.

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Manage classes through video conference

Instruct the students through video conference feature. Student can only see their own performance and the instructor

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Give feedback

After the session is over, give feedback to students. The CPR performance data of each student automatically saved during the session can be shared.

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Receive manikins back from students

Receive manikins back from students. You may issue and print returning shipping slip beforehand.

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Why would you need CPR remote?

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Session management

The overall process of creating sessions and notifying the students has been simplified and made easy.

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Video call + Real-time CPR feedback

Students can see their own CPR performance as real-time feedback and receive guidance from instructors

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Use without network

Not only to be used as online, but CPR Add-on Kit apps (Instructor and Student apps) can be used just as usual for real-time feedback features.

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Purchasing CPR remote License

Move to application page

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Compatible with cprCUBE PRO